Former Bedouin Fishing Village is now a Diving Hotspot: Dahab

Dahab is situated in the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. It was formerly a Bedouin fishing village and now considered to be one of Sinai’s treasured diving destinations. There are many dive centers and most of them are shore dive spots. Masbat is a popular diving destination with many diving spots. You can find lots of accommodation choices in the vicinity ranging from dormitory to 5-star hotels. These chains of international hotels are also a key factor for the rise in tourists’ headcount in the region. So, get your gears ready to explore the sublime underwater flora and fauna.


A variety of people arrive at Dahab to enjoy the sandy beach, Diving and snorkeling or just plain old laying back and lazing around. You will find hippy backpackers, jovial family vacationers, and luxurious corporate vacationers all in one place to enjoy the tropical Red Sea and explore the diverse marine life in the region. There are many exciting activities to do besides Diving. Camel and horse riding, kite-boarding, wind-surfing, or sand-boarding are few of them that exclusively is best suited in Dahab. The location of the place has given rise to favorable conditions that make the aforementioned activities even more exciting, such as, the gentle gust of wind on the calm Red Sea is most favorable for Kite-Boarding. The lodgings and accommodations in Dahab is diverse. You can find accommodations as luxurious as 5-star hotels and enjoy the vacations in style or throw your backpacks in some dormitory and hit the road for some extra-ordinary fun. You will find excellent budgeted hotels in Dahab with much of the daily luxurious amenities at Dahab Plaza Hotel.

There are many marine species to look for in the diving or snorkeling excursions. Blue spotted stingray, Tassled scorpionfish, giant moray eel, snowflake moray eel, carpet flathead fish/crocodilefish, lionfish, Red Sea clownfish, soft corals, fire corals, green turtles, Dugong/sea cow, and many more marine species to explore in your excursion. Lively underwater activities will raise the excitement of the underwater trip. Check your gears and get ready to dive in and experience the life under the surface of the Red Sea.


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